Enemy Tribe Update PLUS Exciting News

June 9th 2020

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Ancestors headquarters. The Forbidden, Daughter of Ninmah and Captive are continuing to do well since their release and, at the suggestion of a very kind reader, I have now entered The Forbidden into the SPFBO competition. I am really hoping it goes far.

Work on ‘Enemy Tribe’ continues apace. The weather has been really good the last couple of weeks so I’ve been managing to write in the garden a lot, surrounded by my beloved collection of Japanese Maples (I’m a hopeless Acer tree addict, I will admit it!) 

I’m usually accompanied by a sunbathing whippet or two. Freya is a complete sun-worshiper when not trying to wrap her ‘dad’ around her little paws with pointed stares. Loki, on the other hand, usually likes to cuddle up on the bench and just watch me write, when he can keep his eyes open.

These idyllic days with our little family (my husband, Matt, Freya, Loki and I) have changed a lot in the last three weeks, however, as our family of four has now become... six! 

I am proud to announce to you all that our twin sons, Jacob Matthew and Caleb Alexander, were born on the 9th June!

It is going to be very interesting arranging my writing schedule around the new babies. A massive learning curve is about to begin and I can see much of ‘Enemy Tribe’ coming to life in the dead of night!!

Watch this space and I look forward to keeping you all posted on how the next few months of writing are taking shape.

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