The Forbidden

Thank you for checking out my book 'The Forbidden'. This is Book One of 'The Ancestors Saga', a Fantasy Romance series of 6 books set 40,000 years ago, in our dark and forgotten past.

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Amazon Reviews

Interesting storyline with twists and turns as tribes of different origins struggle with wars against each other while trying to survive.

GXPsyRose // Amazon Customer

I couldn’t help but imagine what the characters in this story were experiencing. I couldn’t put this book down every time I did I would find myself picking my kindle back up so I could continue reading the story. 

Walt Hislop // Amazon Customer

Was hesitant about starting this book but when i did, I couldn’t put it down. You’re immediately sucked into the story and feel yourself becoming entwined with the main character. Highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of stories of our ancient ancestors and how they might have lived.

B. Fournier // Amazon Customer

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